Mark Zuckerberg, wife Priscilla Chan react to viral photo of him with Photoshopped beard

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Does Mark Zuckerberg have a beard?

The question has been plaguing the internet for days after a photo of the billionaire Meta CEO with some facial hair went viral.

The short answer is no, but after the extremely positive feedback from social media users, Zuckerberg indicated he might be willing to try out a new look.

The uproar began on April 18 when Zuckerberg posted a video on Instagram announcing a new version of Meta AI. A few hours later, an X user named Mike Rundle posted a photoshopped picture of Zuckerberg from the announcement, but with an added beard.

"Me: Bearded Zuck you have to stop. Your smoked meat’s too tough. Your swag too different. Your open source LLM is too bad. they’ll kill you," Rundle captioned his post.

The post racked up more than 2.2 million views, and led to social media users freaking out about the billionaire's rugged-looking scruff.

"it’s crazy how much a beard can change a man’s life," one X user captioned a side-by-side photo of beardless Zuckerberg and the photoshopped photo, which reached more than 23 million views.

"THE BEARD WAS FAKE??" the top comment reads on Zuckerberg's original Instagram video, with nearly 30,000 likes.

Other X users strongly urged him to grow out his facial hair: "he should really try this look out..." before adding the fire emoji.

Zuckerberg's alleged makeover made its way over to Instagram, where the billionaire acknowledged the photo.

"Okay who did this?" Zuckerberg commented on a post from The Shade Room featuring the doctored photo on April 19.

Zuckerberg's wife Priscilla Chan also reacted to the photo in a now-deleted Instagram story post screenshotted by Rundle.

"Anyone seen my husband??? And who is this guy?" Chan captioned the altered photo.

The urging from social media users for Zuckerberg to make the beard a reality seemed to work — Zuckerberg posted a photo of a men's razor with an emoji making a questioning face on his Instagram Story on April 19. (The story has since expired but was posted by Rundle and other media outlets.)

"Love that Zuck went from wondering who made the beard edit to contemplating not shaving anymore in just a few hours," Rundle wrote in a post on X. "It’s happening!"

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