Mark Hamill and others send Donald Trump naughty holiday wishes

On the I Came Up With Christmas: A President Show Christmas special, fake Donald Trump was getting into the holiday spirit. And during commercial breaks, they got some celebrities to send special Christmas wishes to the real Trump.

Former View host Joy Behar wished Trump a merry Christmas — in Russian. Comedian Tracey Ullman wished Trump a “happy holiday,” adding, “You hate people saying that, don’t you? Ho-ho-hope you get impeached next year.” And Keith Olbermann said, “And a merry Christmas to you, Mr. President, and I hope you enjoy it at the White House and never come back for a second one.”

They even had some regular folks offering Trump holiday jeers. One woman said, “Seasons greetings to the idiot in chief,” while a guy told Trump: “I hope that the White House floods out on Christmas day and you lose all your electricity on New Year’s. And you get impeached.”

The most wicked wish of all was from Mark Hamill, who showed everyone his dark side. Holding a present, the Star Wars actor said, “I know you’ve had a tough year, so I got you something.” Hamill then popped his hand out of the box, flipped his middle finger and said, “Happy holidays! You’ve just been Ham-jammed.”

The President Show airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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