Mark Hamill Doesn’t Know Who Luke Skywalker Lost His Virginity To

On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Mark Hamill got the opportunity to answer a question that has plagued Star Wars fans since … probably never: Who did Luke Skywalker lose his virginity to?

Luke Skywalker led a fairly average life on Tatooine - Credit: Lucasfilm
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope. (Photo: Lucasfilm)

This question was posed by Star Wars superfan Anna Faris. It may seem a bit out of left field, but Faris had good reason to consider Skywalker’s experiences as a youth. Hamill mentioned that he’d been asked about making a movie about a young Luke Skywalker, much like what’s happening now with Han Solo. But Hamill’s not too keen on the idea, so we may never know.

“Boy, what a boring film that would be,” Hamill said.

Hamill also couldn’t ignore the predicament Skywalker found himself in throughout the franchise.

“It’s like the ultimate good news-bad news,” Hamill said. “The good news is there’s one attractive woman in the galaxy. The bad news is she’s your sister.”

Check out the gift Mark Hamill got from a galaxy far, far away:

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