Mark Briscoe: There Are Reminders Of Jay Briscoe Everywhere, It’s The Random Ones That Hit Hardest

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Mark Briscoe has continued on his wrestling journey in 2023 without his longtime tag team partner and older brother, Jay Briscoe.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Mark Briscoe recently sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. While talking about the tragic loss of his brother Jay earlier this year, Mark said some of the toughest reminders are the drives to the airport alone.

“There are reminders of him everywhere, but it’s the random ones that hit me hardest,” Mark Briscoe said. “You know what’s been the toughest? The drive to the airport. At first, I didn’t think about it. Then 45 minutes into the drive, I’d be balling. I’m getting used to it. It’s like our new normal. But when something catches me off guard, that’s when it hits me.”

The “Jamin Pugh Locker Room” was recently revealed in Jay Briscoe’s honor at the town’s middle school in Laurel, Delaware. Briscoe said it’s helped bond the town together, and it makes his heart feel good.

“it feels like he’s still with us in spirit and in our hearts,” Mark Briscoe said. “We’ve all bonded together. In a strange way, tragedy comes with beauty. I pick up his kids for school every morning. When we’re all together, it makes my heart feel so good.”

Listening to Jay’s advice

Even though he’s gone, Mark said he still hears Jay’s voice in his head critiquing him after his matches.

“I know exactly, after every match, what he’d say to me,” Mark Briscoe said. “Jay wanted me to be the best. The way he’d critique me, I still hear that voice in my head. Sometimes, my rebellious nature would show in our sibling rivalry–if he said I should do something one way, then I’d say no, I’m going to do it this way. So my mindset has changed there. He was pretty much always right.”

Mark believes that Jay is still watching every match and promo he does and plans to continue to wrestle at the highest level he can for the foreseeable future.

“It’s been 22 years straight of wrestling,” Mark Briscoe said. “Me and him. Always me and him. I like to think he’s still watching every single match and every single promo. It’s a crazy journey, man. I can’t call the future, but I’m damn sure planning on wrestling at the highest level for the foreseeable future. The wind is going to do what the wind is going to do. We’ll see where the wind takes me.”

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What do you make of Mark Briscoe’s comments? What are some of your favorite Jay Briscoe memories? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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