Marjorie Taylor Greene Accidentally Tweets Video Of Man Flipping Her Off

You probably knew that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is prone to saying and doing really crazy things. It turns out she’s also a bird collector ― but not in the way you might think.

The extremist Republican held a town hall in Cobb County, Georgia, on Thursday that seemed to be attended mostly by supporters. She’s popular in her district, winning reelection with nearly 66% of the vote in last year’s election.

Considering that margin, she must have felt pretty safe tweeting a video showing her hometown audience.

However, it only took one person to ruin the optics, flipping Greene the bird as the camera panned the crowd.

Here’s her original tweet (look closely at the first few seconds):

And here’s a screenshot, courtesy of Twitter user @PatriotTakes, pointing out the man giving Greene the middle finger.

Despite her electoral success, a lot more Americans view Greene as unfavorable than favorable, according to a YouGov poll in January.

Naturally, Twitter users had thoughts.

This wasn’t the only optics issue Greene faced this week.

On Memorial Day, she sent out a tweet featuring a version of the U.S. flag with just 18 stars.