Marie Osmond’s Grandkids Know She’s Famous: They ‘Waved to Grandma’ on Stage

Her biggest fans! Marie Osmond’s adorable grandkids “waved to grandma” on stage while watching one of her recent performances, the singer exclusively tells Closer. “They’ve been to my shows.”

Marie, 63, loves that her eight grandchildren have gotten to see her perform; however, her role as a grandmother comes first.

“I'm grandma,” she explains. “That's what I want them to know me for. I don't think God cares what we do in this life. I think he just cares how we do it with each other, that we are kind with each other and work hard and have values and ethics and things like that.”

Marie Osmond ‘Spoils’ Grandkids: ‘I’m a Fun Grandma!’
Marie Osmond ‘Spoils’ Grandkids: ‘I’m a Fun Grandma!’

The former host of The Talk has had conversations with the little ones about her career and is grateful she gets to share all parts of her life with them.

“I tell my grandchildren, ‘Yeah, grandma has a job,” she tells Closer. “I really, honestly never thought I would still be working this long. I mean, this is six decades now of consistent work. And so, I feel incredibly blessed that people are still interested in the things that I do.”

When it comes to her kids, Marie is so proud of everything they have accomplished, including starting families of their own. Her daughter Rachel Krueger welcomed kids Rocket Jade and Wolf with her husband, Gabriel Krueger, while her daughter Brianna Blosil is a mom to daughters Maude and Mabel with her husband, David Schwep. The hitmaker's eldest son, Stephen Blosil, whom she shares with husband Steve Craig, welcomed four children, Stephen, Christian, Maxwell and Olive with his wife, Claire Olds.

“My daughters are great moms,” the grandma of eight gushes. “They're such good moms. My daughter-in-law is like the best mom. She is the best.”

Marie, who recently collaborated with Nutrisystem on the Complete 55 plan designed to target weight loss for women ages 55 and up, has a pretty jam-packed schedule. Still, getting together with family remains her top priority.

“For my children, we try to get together as much as possible,” she shares. “My children love hanging out with each other, and the cousins love each other. I think it takes effort to have a family. You have to put in the time.”

Though her children’s parenting styles differ from her own, she’s happy that they have all grown up to be outstanding individuals.

“They're all stay-at-home moms,” she adds. “I worked and I think that was tough because I would go to work at night. It's different, I think with a day job when they're in school. My kids are the best. They are just so dedicated to helping them be kind and good kids and learn and work hard and being polite. I'm really proud of my children as parents.”