Mariah May Reflects On Her Time In Japan With STARDOM

Mariah May
Photo Credit: Mariah May / Big Cartel
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Mariah May might be All Elite, but it was her time in STARDOM that got her there.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Mariah May recently sat down with Kevin McElvaney of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. When asked about her time in STARDOM and why she thinks she was able to connect with fans of the promotion so easily, May said she believes it came down to the fact that she loves STARDOM as much as they do.

“I believe the reason I connected so well with the fans is because I love Stardom as much as they do,” Mariah May said. “I’ve always held the belief the best training and performance for women’s wrestling is found in Japan.

“I think my passion, improvement, and dedication in moving across the world gave me their respect. I know a lot of fans were happy to see how much fun I was having, too; I want my work to tell stories and make people feel something, and Stardom afforded me so many chances to do that.”

Taking risks

When asked what she learned during her time in Japan, May said it taught her how important it is to take risks.

“My excursion in Japan taught me how important it is to take risks,” Mariah May said. “Within a few days of being in Japan, I was offered to extend my tour. And I said I would stay there as long as they would have me.

“That chance and sacrifice allowed me nine months of dojo training, training at the Snakepit, touring a beautiful country, and more matches than any other woman up until I left! The repetition and grind helped me perfect my moveset, build chemistry—especially an amazing feeling when you don’t speak the same language.

“And being with Mina meant I had a mentor by my side who could give me advice. This is a chance for us girls to make our mark on history and prove ourselves.”

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What do you make of Mariah May’s comments? Are you familiar with her work in STARDOM? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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