Mariah Huq Felt ‘Pushed Out’ of Married to Medicine, Stabbed in the ‘Back, Heart, Jugular and Eye’ by Cast

Mariah Huq on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Married to Medicine’s Mariah Huq. The former star of the Bravo series appeared on the show between Seasons 1 and 7 before departing in 2020.

Throughout those years, Mariah’s time on Married to Medicine certainly wasn’t without conflict. She was involved in vicious fights with her castmates, including her bestie Quad Webb, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Jackie Walters, and Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

Eventually, her relationship with the other ladies became so contentious that the other women joined forces to kick her off the island. In other words, Mariah was “phased out” of the show — something unfamiliar to controversial characters. But how does she feel about being exiled from the doctor’s wives club? Keep reading to find out!

Mariah feels betrayed by the ladies of Married to Medicine for pushing her out of the group

If you’re keeping up with Married to Medicine Season 10, you saw Dr. Simone the ladies force Quad out of the group due to a lack of connection. For longtime fans of the show, it felt eerily familiar to years prior when the same thing happened to Mariah.

So, does she believe she was pushed off the show? “Yeah. I think so,” she told Carlos King during a recent interview. “I didn’t realize in the beginning that was the goal the entire time was to push me out from a talent perspective.”

She explained further, saying that as the creator and executive producer of the Married to Medicine franchise, those above her never wanted her to “have too much power.”

“In front of the camera and behind the camera. So, yeah, I did feel as if I was pushed out, but you know what, in hindsight, I feel like maybe it was best.”

Best for herself, that is. “I don’t think it was best for the show,” she clarified. “I think it wasn’t a good decision for the show. And that’s how I know it was bullsh*t and a game because it wasn’t for the show. There’s no way they can come up with any reason why I should be out of the show.”

Although Mariah has no ill feelings toward anyone in the group, she is hurt by their falling out. “I just don’t like the way in which it was done. And I did feel as if I was stabbed in my back, my heart, my jugular, and my eye with all of those ladies. I did.”

Married to Medicine continues on Sundays at 9/8c.


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