Mariah Carey Sings and Carpools With 'The Late Late Show' Host James Corden

Billy Johnson Jr.
·Senior Editor

Should Mariah Carey ever be in need of a new backup singer, The Late Late Show host James Corden would be a perfect fit. Corden showed off his chops in a hilarious game of carpool karaoke during a drive to work with Carey.

While taking Carey along for a ride in his new car, Corden surprised her by turning on the radio to play her song “Always Be My Baby.” Though Carey initially tried to get out of singing, Corden egged her on, enthusiastically singing the doo-wop ad-libs, and dancing while driving.

Clearly in a playful mood, Carey joined in, speaking in British and New York accents. Carey even asked Corden if he had more artists in his player. Corden turned on Carey’s “Fantasy,” screaming along with the rap lyric performed by the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, belting it out louder than Carey.

The new pop duo got more serious when singing Carey’s debut ballad, “Vision of Love.” Though Corden knows his Mariah Carey catalog, he flubbed one of the lyrics, and Carey was quick to correct him, “It’s, ‘Prayed through the night,’” she said, teasing him.

The sing-along got so good that Carey played DJ and cued up one of her most recent singles, “Thirsty,” a hip-hop track that prompted Corden to sing the song while doing Rastafarian chants and dances.

This five-minute clip ended too soon. We could have watched this go on for an hour.

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