Mariah Carey Shocks Fans with ‘Major’ Weight Loss Amid Bryan Tanaka Breakup Rumors

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Mariah Carey seemingly continues to shed dead weight and looks great while doing it!

The singing icon’s body appeared to be in tip-top shape in a recent video which documented her process of cooking “anointed greens” in light of Thanksgiving.

Fans say Mariah Carey looks 'lean' following breakup rumors with boyfriend Bryan Tanaka.
Mariah Carey shows off her weight loss while cooking collard greens with her makeup artist. (Pictured: @mariahcarey/Instagram)

During Carey’s video, which featured her celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, she can be seen rocking an all-black bodysuit that hugged her body and sculpted her figure. The mother of two paired her ensemble with a black crop jacket.

As always, everyone’s favorite diva blocked out the haters by wearing dark shades while she and Buckle prepared to cook.

Before Carey began, she made sure to cover her hands with a pair of black gloves prior to touching the collard greens – we love a considerate queen!

She then could be seen placing her “anointed greens” in a stock pot as Buckle recorded her. Thankfully, the “We Belong Together” singer didn’t have to transport the veggies by herself because her 12-year-old daughter, Monroe Carey, and another child were spotted distributing a few greens into the large enamelware as well.

As the video continued, the Grammy winner placed what appeared to be bacon in a frying pan and began cooking it with a smile on her face. Before the clip ends, Buckle can be heard letting out an appreciatory moan as Carey showed off the almost finished product.

“The Making of Anointed Green! #Thanksgiving,” Carey’s caption read.

Her video, which already surpassed 800,000 plays, prompted social media users to completely ignore her impressive cooking skills and zoom in on Carey’s noticeably thinner appearance. One fan wrote, “MIMI THE BODY IS BODYINGGGG.”

Another person suggested, “Okay you look MAJOR,” followed by a third comment that read, “Seems that she lost a lot of body weight…looking super lean.”

Mimi’s video came right on the heels of breakup rumors between her and her longtime boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka. A few commenters even asked about Tanaka’s whereabouts under Carey’s video. A few comments read, “Anyone noticed Tanaka not hearting her post recently?” and “Where’s @bryantanaka ?”

While it is currently unclear what the status of Carey and Tanaka’s relationship looks like, this wouldn’t be the first time they headed to Splitsville.

Back in 2016, when they first started dating, Carey and Tanaka took a small break from each other after five months of dating. Fortunately, fate found a way to reunite the two and they have been together ever since — that is up until now.

Their alleged split seems more surprising for fans considering that the pair previously sparked engagement rumors last April. Hearsay about a possible wedding for Carey and Tanaka began after fans noticed a diamond ring on the “Fantasy” lyricist’s left hand during the Easter holiday weekend.

Carey and Tanaka first met in 2006 during his time working for the legend as a background dancer on her “Adventures of Mimi” tour. Fast-forward 10 years later, and they officially popped out as an item months after Carey called off her engagement to ex-fiancé James Packer.

That same year, the renowned superstar’s divorce from actor Nick Cannon was also finalized.

Since then, Carey and Tanaka have embarked on a whirlwind romance that involves them spending time together during the holidays and traveling the world.

Neither has addressed the recent breakup rumors.