Mariah Carey Parodies "Honey" Music Video in TikTok With Her Twins, Millie Bobby Brown & Jake Bongiovi

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Mariah Carey is serving up all the '90s nostalgia.

Twenty five years after the release of the theatrical music video for her song "Honey," the pop star enlisted some special guests to recreate an iconic scene for social media.

In a video shared to TikTok on Sept. 17, Mariah sits in a makeup chair pretending to be held captive by kidnappers. As she lip-syncs her character's infamous pleas in Spanish, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi surround her, playing the part of the mobsters, hilariously attempting to interrogate her.

She captioned the hilarious post, "'Go eat a buffet,' quoting the famous line from the music video.

Marah's boyfriend Bryan Tanaka and her 11-year-old twinsMoroccan and Monroe who she shares with ex Nick Cannon—also play villains in the video.

"Honey" was the lead single off Mariah's sixth studio album Butterfly, which Columbia Records released on Sept. 16, 1997. As fans may remember, the music video opens with the singer being held hostage in a mansion, which she escapes in a James Bond–themed plot.

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Subsequent scenes see Mariah fleeing her assailants on a jet-ski, dancing aboard a ship with sailors and frolicking on an island with her lover.

Mariah Carey, Honey, Parody, Millie Bobby Brown, Jake Bongiovi, TikTok, GIF
TikTok / Mariah Carey

Earlier in the week, the Glitter star, 53, took to Instagram announcing a special 25th-anniversary edition of Butterfly, which includes eight new bonus tracks from the album's recordings and a documentary about the making of the "Honey" music video.

"#Butterfly25 is here!!," she wrote on Sept. 14 along with a video montage set to the song "The Roof (Back In Time)". "Celebrating 25 … minutes … since the release of my favorite and probably most personal album."

In a follow-up post, Mariah called the release of Butterfly "one of the proudest moments of my life and career."

Mariah Carey, Honey, Parody, Twins, Moroccan, Monroe, TikTok, GIF
TikTok / Mariah Carey

"I will never forget the day I released this album to the world," she shared on Sept. 16, along with a photo of the album's cover art. "I had never felt more exposed and vulnerable yet free and euphoric at the same time."

She added, "It was a true EMANCIPATION (no pun intended!) of my spirit, soul and innermost feelings which I poured into every lyric and every note on every song.