Margot Robbie wants a Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy romance in a future DC movie

Margot Robbie wants a Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy romance in a future DC movie

Plenty of iconic comic book couples have made the jump to the big screen. Superman and Lois. Ant-Man and the Wasp. Batman and his angsty obsession with the color black. But there's one major romance that has yet to get its time in the spotlight, despite growing fan popularity and a wealth of TV/comic storylines: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

The two chaotic criminals are both longtime fan favorites, and in the comics, they've spent the last few years making out and making mischief all throughout Gotham. Harley and Ivy began their partnership as platonic gal pals, appearing together in a 1993 episode of Batman: The Animated Series, but in recent years, they've made things official, falling in love both in the comics and on the excellent HBO Max TV series Harley Quinn. Together, they've become one of DC's most popular power couples, leaving many fans wondering when their romance might make it to the big screen.

Turns out that Margot Robbie has the same question! The Babylon actress has played Harley Quinn in three movies, starring in two Suicide Squads and one Birds of Prey. She's also been a longtime advocate for a potential Harley/Ivy romance, and in a recent interview with, she said she's spent "years" trying to bring their love affair to the screen.

"I have been pushing that for years," Robbie told "I cannot tell you how hard I've been pushing for that. I want it too."

BIRDS OF PREY (AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY QUINN) Copyright: © 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Claudette Barius Caption: (L-r) MARGOT ROBBIE as Harley Quinn and ELLA JAY BASCO as Cassandra Cain in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “BIRDS OF PREY (AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY QUINN),” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Claudette Barius/Warner Bros. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in 'Birds of Prey'

Robbie added that she didn't yet have a particular actress in mind to play the Ivy to her Harley: "Honestly, when I picture it, I always picture like Poison Ivy in the comics. I don't really picture an actress doing it. But I agree, that would be so good."

There are no official plans yet for a future DC film with Robbie's Harley Quinn, but the actress has said she'd like to play the character again. Meanwhile, a different Harley will soon make her debut, with Lady Gaga playing the role in the upcoming Joker: Folie a Deux with Joaquin Phoenix.

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