'Mare of Easttown' filming locations draw so many fans that police warn against trespassing

Kate Winslet stars in
Kate Winslet stars in "Mare of Easttown." (Photo: Michele K. Short/HBO)

It doesn't take Detective Mare Sheehan to know why fans of HBO's Mare of Easttown are taking to the streets of Wallingford, Pa., weeks after it concluded. They want an in-person look at locations where the crime drama was filmed.

In fact, so many people have been drawn to the small town that the local Nether Providence Township Police Department is warning gawkers against trespassing or blocking traffic. They particularly want to keep fans from seeking out the house where Sheehan, played by Kate Winslet, hung her signature jacket at the end of a hard day of investigating.

They advised people to "get over it" that much of the show was filmed there.

"If you plan on taking this trip, STOP and think!" the department posted on Facebook. "Officers will be in and around the area(s) and will take appropriate action. Warnings will not be given and signs are posted. Trespassers, blocking traffic, disturbing the peace, etc., will not be tolerated."

The real-life owner of the house, who didn't want to give her name, told Philadelphia's 6ABC that people won't stop walking on her property. When she asked one woman to stop taking pictures, the trespasser cursed at her.

"We've had a few instances where people have come on to our property — one late at night to look in our front window," she told the TV station. "Supposedly, I can only guess to see if it's the same as where they filmed the show."

The anonymous woman said that she's posted signs that say there's no trespassing allowed, for the sake of her daughter, who's been affected by the unwanted visitors.

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"She's afraid to go outside," the woman said. "She's afraid to play and it's become a concern to us because it's concerning to her."

And that homeowner is not the only one who's complained about the problem. As a result, police have increased patrols.

The story illustrates the popularity of the drama, which drew an impressive audience of nearly 3 million for its final installment, setting a record for the most-watched episode of an original show on HBO Max in its first 24 hours.

While the show was promoted as a limited series, Winslet has since said that she'd "love to play Mare again."

Series creator Brad Ingelsby told TV Line that he's open to the possibility of a second season, if they can "crack a story that is as great" as the first go-round.

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