Marcus Mumford Is Ready to Make a New Mumford & Sons Album

iHeartRadio Marcus Mumford - Credit: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images
iHeartRadio Marcus Mumford - Credit: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Marcus Mumford talked about the likelihood of Mumford & Sons reuniting soon to work on new material in a clip from an upcoming interview on Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist, airing this Sunday, Nov. 27, on NBC.

It’s been four years since the last Mumford & Sons album (2018’s Delta), and back in September, Mumford released his own solo debut, Self-Titled. Nevertheless, the frontman made it sound like the group hasn’t been on any kind of hiatus.

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“The next thing really is to get in the room with the boys in the band and start playing each other the songs we’ve written,” Mumford told Geist when asked about his future plans. “I’ve got a bunch that are kind of ready to go. And then we’ll make a record, and tour it, and get to do what we love.”

Obviously, Mumford didn’t have an exact timetable for the Delta follow-up. But, when Mumford & Sons do get back together, they will do so as a trio, instead of a quartet, following the departure of guitarist and banjo player Winston Marshall. Marshall stepped away from the band last March after praising a book by right-wing social media personality Andy Ngo, and a few months later, he officially left the group. (Marshall has gotten so far down the anti-woke rabbit hole since then that he’s now doing interviews with Glenn Beck and offering up dubious interpretations of scenes from Tár on Twitter.)

Anyway, along with getting back together with the other remaining members of Mumford & Sons, Mumford also offered a glimpse at what his next solo album might look like. “I’d quite like to write an album that has completely nothing to do with me,” he quipped. “That would be fun. I think that’d be much harder, actually, just sort of an imagination album. [Bob] Dylan’s very good at those — although he says every song you write is eventually about yourself.”

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