How Many Batman Movies Are There? Here's Where You Can Watch Them Right Now

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DC Comics was founded in 1935 and from its inception, it took just five years for Bob Kane and Bill Finger to create Batman. The success of Superman was something to capitalize on and Kane came up with a character called Batman who was very much like Superman in many ways. Batman had red tights, wings, and a domino mask. Finger came in and suggested the cape, black and grey color scheme, and provided the first story. Given his popularity and presence in comics, television, video games, and films, you've probably wondered how many Batman movies are there.

Batman has been a staple of DC Comics and superheroes, in general, The most recent of course is Matt Reeves’ The Batman which stars Robert Pattinson in the lead role. Fans are enjoying the new film but for many, especially younger fans, it begs the question of just how many Batman movies there are and how they interact with each other.

Below, we’ve outlined all of the Batman films ever made and where you can check them out.

How many Batman movies are there?

Though this is a simple question, the answer isn’t necessarily as straightforward. That’s largely because a “Batman movie” can be defined in a few ways. There have been a bunch of movies over the years where Batman is the protagonist, but he’s also appeared alongside fellow DC superheroes over the years in films that are unmissable if you’re following Batman’s story.

There are ten live-action films which Batman or just one other superhero are the protagonists of the movie, but there are also other films like Suicide Squad and Justice League in which he appears in. If you’re into it, there’s also The Lego Batman Movie and the animated movies that were released over the years as part of Warner Bros. Animation’s DC Universe Animated Original Movies, which some feel are even better than many of the live-action films.

All in all, with everything considered, we have 14 films on this list and a few which might surprise you.

What order to watch the Batman movies in (and where to stream them)