Manhattan Protesters Gather Outside Law Firm Representing GOP Election Lawsuits

Demonstrators gathered outside the Manhattan office of law firm Jones Day on Friday, November 13, to protest the Trump campaign’s election lawsuits.

People carrying signs saying “Jones Day killing democracy for profit” and “Stop the GOP coup” stood next to a giant inflatable rat made in the likeness of Donald Trump, as seen in the footage.

Approximately three dozen people gathered outside Jones Day’s San Francisco offices last Friday to paint a mural across the entire block, local media reported. The mural showed a drawing next to “Jones Day, hands off our ballots” along with the words “count every ballot.”

The event was organized after the Trump campaign had legally challenged the counting of ballots in battleground states including Pennsylvania during the week of the election.

In a statement issued on November 6, Jones Day said it is not representing Trump or “any affiliated party,” but the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. Credit: Rise and Resist via Storyful