Man from viral wide neck mugshot arrested again on stalking charges


In 2018, Charles McDowell quickly rose to fame after being arrested in Florida. You may remember a slew of memes being released after his mugshot, showing a particularly thick neck, was made public.

Since then, he’s gained a massive following on social media — his Instagram alone has one million supporters. The verified McDowell goes by “DamnWideNeck” on the social networking platform and often posts memes poking fun at himself. Just two days ago, he shared a picture of himself photoshopped into a football uniform. The image read, “Sorry Auburn, maybe necks year.” While his online presence may be all fun and games, law enforcement officials do not seem to be amused.

On Sunday (Nov. 27), a new photo of McDowell’s big neck surfaced online when he posed for yet another mugshot. According to Pensacola, Florida news station WEAR-TV 3, the 35-year-old was booked into Escambia County Jail on charges of aggravated stalking and withholding child support. The offense happened on Aug. 24 in Escambia County, however, he was just taken into custody over the weekend. At this time, he is not eligible for bond. In addition to the charges he’s facing, McDowell reportedly went to a woman’s home without being invited and sent threatening text messages to her.

In his 2018 arrest, McDowell was hit with multiple charges, including fleeing the police and drug offenses. His mugshot was quickly seen by the masses. “Mr. Charles McDowell, [you probably have a] lot of weight on [your] shoulders, but I know [you] have some greater potential in life. Like, maybe [you] can get sponsored by Mucinecks, or that necktarine company… [you] got options. Think [about] that necks time. The interneck is filled w/great opportunities,” one tweet along with his infamous photo read.

McDowell was sure to capitalize on his newfound fame. In 2019, he released a song titled, “Neckst Big Thing” with another internet celebrity who has an unusually long neck. The music video has racked up over 20,000 comments with one saying, “The lyricism. The storytelling. The production. The necks. We live in the golden era for music.” Another comment read, “Hard to decide [whose] verse was better, they’re really ‘neck and neck.’”

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