Man Shocks Girlfriend by Proposing on Seafloor of Caribbean Cave: 'Is This for Real?'

Joelle Goldstein
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Man Stuns Girlfriend By Proposing On Seafloor Of Caribbean Cave

Kody Workman, proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Kelly Castille, while on vacation in Negril, Jamaica

A Louisiana woman recently received the surprise of a lifetime after her boyfriend proposed underwater during a vacation to Jamaica.

Kody Workman and Kelly Castille were snorkeling in a cave in Negril on Oct. 1 when the romantic moment happened, SWNS reported.

Captured on film by the couple's friend, Workman, 33, held out the two-carat, cushion-cut diamond ring and popped the question to Castille, 34, who immediately rushed up to ask, "Is this for real?" before embracing her new fiancé.

"I honestly didn't know what was going on," Castille, who is from Louisiana, recalled to SWNS after the proposal. "I saw the ring and thought: 'What is he doing?' But it was absolutely perfect and it was the highlight of my year."

Prior to the sweet moment, Workman and Castille had been together for three years. The pair met back in 2017, when Workman was working as a bartender at a Jamaica hostel, where Castille had been staying as a guest, according to a post on their joint Instagram page.

"The moment I saw her I knew she was different, I knew she was special," Workman, who is from Michigan, wrote in the post. "We flirted on and off and I made sure I was always the one there for her food and drink requests, trying to get as much time with her as I could."

"It was so unexpected, so unbelievable in that moment that someone like her could just walk into my life and make me reconsider everything even though the chance that we would actually be together seemed impossible," he continued. "I lived on an island and she had a new career to return to... how could this really, actually work?"

Despite the odds, the couple — who both make a living as photographers and videographers — made it happen, and have been together ever since.

So far, they have lived in Panama, Bali, Thailand and South Africa, according to SWNS. Their Instagram also states that they've traveled to a total of 46 countries together.

In July, Workman bought the engagement ring but said he wanted to wait for the perfect moment to propose to Castille, according to SWNS — and that moment ultimately came during their trip back to the very place they met three years ago.

"The day before I proposed, we took a short sailing trip on the edge of the island and we went into this cave and I thought it was perfect," he recalled to the outlet. "I had the ring with me but then a storm came in so we had to sail back."

After those initial plans fell through, Workman spoke with their resort's employees and arranged for the proposal to happen on another boat the following day, SWNS reported.

While in the water, Workman told Castille he wanted to get photos of them kissing under the surface and asked her to swim down to the seafloor. Unassumingly, Castille complied — and that's when the surprise unfolded.

"She had no idea I had the ring in my back pocket," Workman told SWNS. "I waited for her to go first and when she looked up, I was already there with the ring."

Now happily engaged, the couple told SWNS that they're starting to plan for their wedding, which they're hoping will occur in May of next year.

However, due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, Workman and Castille have been taking the process slowly.

"We are waiting but ultimately we would love to get married in Greece on the island of Crete," Castille explained to the outlet. "We are waiting to see how the world opens up."

As they continued to celebrate their engagement, Workman couldn't help but praise his soon-to-be wife.

"From the second we met, the moment that changed my life, to this day when your 'YES' made it complete I have always known it was you I was meant to be with," he wrote in an Instagram post announcing their big news. "You are so beautiful, so bold and ever-inspiring."

"I have never once hesitated to continue our journey together, a story now compiled of wild, beautiful memories and moments we have often captured through the lens on our adventures across the planet," he continued. "I have always admired your intrigue, your willingness to take a chance, to risk it all — certain that the destination always warrants the journey."

"Of all the adventures we have been on, all the unbelievable destinations we have explored, this is the one that excites me the most," added Workman. "I can’t imagine a life without you and I feel so honored to be loved by you. You are my best friend and my whole world. I love you, I love us and I LOVE our story!"