Man Says He Sleeps On Married Best Friend’s Couch 5-6 Times Per Week, Helps Her More Than Her Husband

Caitlin says she’s diagnosed herself with 23 medical conditions, has been to the hospital 168 times during the last year, and has an “overwhelming” feeling that she’s dying. She says it’s caused tension in her marriage to her husband, Keaton – and she trusts her best friend, Joe, a former EMT fireman, to take care of her more than Keaton. “I come to the house, probably, five to six times a week to make sure she’s OK,” Joe says. “At night, Caitlin gets super stressed out, so, usually, I will sleep on the couch and keep an eye on her.” Joe, who says he’s known Caitlin for a year and lives an hour away from her, says he takes her to the hospital three-to-four days a week and spends the night at her and Keaton’s house five-to-six nights per week. “I feel like I put in more effort than [Keaton] does, and that’s his job. He’s disconnected.” What do Caitlin and Keaton say about the situation? Watch in the video above. On Friday’s episode, "'My Fear of Dying is Killing Me'," find out what Dr. Phil says he believes is causing Caitlin’s behavior. Check local listings to see where you can watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Hopelessly in need of Dr. Phil's Help?