Man Rapes Woman To Get To Prison And Go After His Son’s Killer

Joel Jones

In August 2014, a woman answered Joel Jones’ Craigslist list ad. Upon meeting, Jones lured a woman into a building under the guise he was offering her a job with his cleaning company. Instead, he viciously raped the woman at knifepoint and then called 911 on himself.

According to reports, Jones’ heinous crime was a diabolical plot to get arrested and go to to prison only to go after the man who killed his 14-year-old son.

This isn’t Jones’ first time in prison. According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Jones was convicted of sexual battery, burglary and second-degree murder.

During sentencing Thursday (June 9) a judge–who handed down 25 years for his crime–said his actions were reprehensible, vile and beyond morally corrupt.

“This case is not really about what someone did to your child, but what you did to someone else’s child,” the judge told Jones. “The things that you did to her were completely beyond the realm of what a human being should do to another human being.”

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