Man Meets Woman He Believes He Has Been Texting With And Freed From ‘Gang Camp’

James says he’s been working to free models kidnapped in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He says he meets these women via text and plans to meet them in person, but every time they make a plan, the women are kidnapped and taken to a gang camp. He says he has sent thousands in gift cards to gang members to free the women. One of the women James says he helped to free is “Ava.” “She was coming to visit me and she got kidnapped, and so she was in a gang camp, and then I helped get her out,” James says. “The second time, we were going to meet in a restaurant, and she got taken from a rideshare. And the third time, I was going to meet her at a casino on the north end of the strip, and she got taken from there. To get her out, I think I spent about $700.” James says he invited “Ava” to the Dr. Phil taping, but she was taken from a gas station. In the video above, see what happens when James meets the woman from the photos whom he believes is "Ava." Is James saving models? Or, is his kindness being taken advantage of and he is being scammed for money? See what happens on Thursday’s episode, “He’s Saving Models from Being Kidnapped … Or Is He?” Check local listings to see where you can watch.