Man Hurled Over Handlebars on Darwin Street Corner Known for E-Scooter Crashes

New footage shows an e-scooter rider hitting a gutter and being hurled onto a sidewalk in Darwin, Northern Territory, on December 6, 2020, as health officials in the city continue to raise concerns about scooter-related injuries.

The moment was caught on CCTV footage that belongs to a local business owner, George Fisher, who said the man suffered a cut to his head and was assisted by people at the scene.

Another accident was reported at the same spot on April 3, 2021. “The corner in the video is notorious for an outbreak of e-scooter accidents,” Fisher told Storyful.

Dr Robert Parker, the president of the Australian Medical Association NT, has raised concerns about the number of accidents related to scooter use in the city, and suggested locking scooters at night may reduce accidents, NT News reported. Credit: George Fisher via Storyful