Man with HIV advertised for sex, may have ‘numerous’ unaware victims, Ohio cops say

Chacour Koop
·1 min read

An Ohio man aware he was positive for HIV is accused of sexual conduct without disclosing he was infected, police say.

Authorities say there are “potentially numerous” victims.

Jason C. Davis, 50, was charged with felonious assault after an investigation revealed he tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS and engaged in sex acts with an unaware person, according to Dayton police.

Davis is accused of advertising himself and his home on adult websites and apps, offering sexual conduct at no cost, police say. He did not disclose himself as a carrier of AIDS in the ads, police say.

“Investigators are concerned that there may be other persons, over a period of years, whom have interacted sexually with Mr. Davis who may also be victims,” police say.

Davis told police he provided 1,000 men with oral sex at his home before learning he was HIV positive, according to court documents obtained by the Dayton Daily News.

Davis also was charged with possession of criminal tools “as he used items at his home to facilitate this crime,” police said.

Dayton police urged people who had sexual contact with Davis to contact authorities and seek treatment immediately.

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