Man gets suspicious after receiving ‘uncomfortable’ text from his girlfriend: ‘She has someone else’

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A man wants to know if it’s OK that a series of texts from his girlfriend made him uncomfortable.

He shared what happened on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum. He received text messages from his girlfriend wishing him a “happy birthday” and referring to him as “bear.” The trouble was that it wasn’t his birthday, and she had never called him that name.

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“We’ve been together for 2 years and have never had any problems, and although I’m not usually the one to worry, this did kind of rub me the wrong way,” he explained. “Today she texted me: -> Also Happy birthday -> I love you -> My bear [heart emoji] And, well, it’s neither my birthday nor does she call me bear.

“So yeah. I asked her if that was a mistake, voice texted me (which she never does?) saying it was a dare and changed the subject.

“What actually got me though was how when I saw her later, she didn’t bring it up despite me being clearly uncomfortable by it,” he wrote.

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“Just wanted to know if I was overreacting or anything. It’s her first relationship and all, but she knows the the issues I’ve had in MY past relationships with other guys, so I feel like something like this would be slightly tasteless.”

Redditors felt there was something up with her strange behavior.

“Don’t pretend it didn’t happen. She has someone else,” someone advised.

“If it was a dare she probably would have had more details about it or talked about how funny the whole situation was,” another said.

“She’s trying to rug sweep the issue which is a big red flag that something else is going on,” a person commented.

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