Man faces backlash over reaction to wife’s shopping decision

A husband who wanted to get rid of his wife’s bean bag chair consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if his choice was justifiable. “my wife bought a refill pack for her beanbag chair, which was getting flat and compressed. [she] poured one into the other … this was a disaster”. Recently, his wife bought another refill for the beanbag chair. “I reminded her of what happened last time and begged her to just forget about it”. “yesterday evening I woke up (I work nights) to discover that my wife and son had filled the beanbag chair together while I was asleep … Then I walked into the bathroom … pellets everywhere”. “I want to unilaterally throw away this beanbag chair, maybe not immediately, because it’s full right now and useful, but as soon as I notice it getting flat again” the husband stated. Reddit users didn’t agree with how the husband was handling things. “How about being her partner and helping her solve a problem that is meaningful to her?” a user commented. “Don’t escalate this argument by destroying your wife’s personal property,” someone added