Man drops £1,000 engagement ring in lake in proposal gone wrong

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A British woman’s video has gone viral on TikTok after her partner dropped an engagement ring in a lake just before he was about to propose.

The video, which has been viewed 3.9m times, sees Ross Bamber lead his girlfriend Gerii Ashforth onto a wooden platform decorated with tea lights.

Ashforth has her hands covering her eyes as Bamber gets down on one knee.

Before he can propose, a series of thuds are heard in the video, and Ashforth immediately says: “No, please don’t tell me that just happened, no it didn’t.”

The video cuts out before Bamber can respond, but the hashtags used on the video include #InTheLake, #RingDrop, and #ProposalGoneWrong. The ring was reportedly worth £1,000.

TikTok users were curious about what happened next, with one person asking: “So what’s the conclusion? Did you proceed with the proposal and most importantly did she say yes?!!”

Ashforth responded: “We carried on and I said YES! Then we went out the next day, bought a new ring and did it all again the next evening.”

One user questioned whether Bamber was pranking Ashforth with the ring drop, but Ashforth clarified that it wasn’t a prank and that it was a “very expensive engagement”.

Others said dropping the engagement ring was a “sign” and that Ashforth and Bamber should “run”.

Ashforth has since posted several follow-up videos, including one of the couple unsuccessfully trying to find the ring in the lake.

“Despite best efforts from our best friends .. our diamond ring has been lost to the lake forever,” she captioned the video.


Despite best efforts from our best friends .. our diamond ring has been lost to the lake forever 💍 #proposed #proposalgonewrong #inthelake #fyp #weregettingmarried #proposal

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When questioned why Bamber didn’t jump into the lake straight after the ring dropped, Ashforth said because of the eels in the lake.

The ring that was dropped was a white gold setting with a brilliant cut diamond in the centre and smaller diamonds along the band.

The second ring is a square shape with pave diamonds in the centre and along the band.