Man Who Admitted To Having Angry Outbursts Now Says His Previous Behavior ‘Makes Me Sick’

In 2015, Brandon’s parents said they were out of options to help him. His father, Paul, claimed he was “handsome,” “charismatic,” and “a devil, problem child,” and his mother, Julie, said she lived in fear of her son. “Brandon punches walls, damages doors, throws objects – breaks things,” said Julie when the family first appeared in Dr. Phil season 14. “I’m pissed off all the time,” admitted Brandon. “I’m angry. I get loud, curse, scream, throw things – I just snap.” In his return appearance this Friday, Brandon says, “It just kind of makes me sick thinking that’s the kind of thing I would do.” Watch the video above to find out how Brandon says his life has been transformed. For more guest updates, watch “Dr. Phil’s 3,000th Show -- With Bonus Footage!”, airing Friday. Check your local listings. WATCH: Did This Jilted Bride Take Her Ex-Fiancé Back? TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Ask Dr. Phil!