Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Summer is here, and it's finally time to be together. Whether it's keeping unwanted pests at bay or lawn care and home maintenance tips to prevent big problems later, we've got the scoop on everything outdoors. We chatted with landscape and gardening expert Chris Lambton, who is the host of DIY and HGTV's most fab backyard shows, all about the dos and don'ts so you can keep the livin' easy this season. The idea of outdoor entertaining is so appealing right now, but everyone hates dealing with bugs. We love Hot Shot because they make an entire collection of products to get rid of crawling, flying, and stinging pests. The Hot Shot™ Ant, Roach & Spider Killer is the brand's strongest ant and roach formula, and it's their fastest knockdown ever. It kills listed bugs on contact, both indoors and outdoors, and keeps killing for up to 3 months when used as directed on non-porous surfaces. The formula leaves no oily residue and comes in both a fresh floral and lemon scent. Find it at grocery chains, The Home Depot, Walmart, or Lowe's, and online on Amazon. Visit for more info.