Picture of the U.S. Constitution being shredded goes viral following Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation

Kerry Justich

Jamie Lee Curtis is taking a page out of Banksy’s book with an image of the Constitution of the United States being shredded. And it’s causing a lot of controversy.

After the famous street artist shocked a crowd at a Sotheby’s auction over the weekend with the self-destruction of his “Balloon Girl” painting after it had sold for $1.4 million, Curtis decided to repost another artist’s work with a strong political message. The actress took to her Instagram on Monday to share the image of the Constitution being similarly shredded, and writing, “Appropriate and concerning.”

Curtis additionally noted the need for an inclusion rider in film contracts and the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, which was first proposed in 1921. Some have commented on the post, saying that “the Constitution is just fine,” while others expressed that “this is exactly what’s happening to America right now.”

However, the actress isn’t the only one perpetuating the image and its message.

Following Brett Kavanaugh‘s confirmation to the Supreme Court on Saturday, people all over Twitter are suggesting that the Constitution has in fact been “Banksy-ed.”

Still, some people are suggesting that it’s not Curtis’s place to comment on politics at all. “Make your movies and quit whining,” someone advised. Another commented on the Instagram post: “This is just plain stupid and dangerous.”

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