'Maine Cabin Masters' Is Getting a Spinoff Series in Italy

maine cabin masters building italy spinoff chase morrill ashley and ryan
'Maine Cabin Masters' Is Getting a Spinoff in ItalCourtesy of Magnolia Network

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Maine Cabin Masters is headed to Italy! The Magnolia Network reality show is getting a spinoff series called Maine Cabin Masters: Building Italy, and you don’t have to wait too long to see it. Premiering this summer, the series will follow the MCM team as they travel to the region of Molise, Italy, and renovate a dream home for Chase Morrill and his family. Below, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the exciting spinoff.

What Is Maine Cabin Masters: Building Italy About?

The spinoff follows Chase Morrill, his wife, and their four teenagers along with MCM stars Ashley Morrill-Eldridge and Ryan Eldridge. Over three months, they all work together to renovate the Morrill family's dream getaway in the Molise region of Italy.

“My wife Sarah and I always talked about purchasing an old Italian home to renovate once we retired,” Morrill tells House Beautiful. He continues: “We love to travel and have been to many places around the world but always felt a special connection to Italy. After seeing the 1-euro homes that Italian villages were promoting, it got us looking more seriously and we decided to go for it now—to buy and renovate a home with our four kids while we were still all living under one roof.”

There were many reasons—work, school, and pets—to not take the leap. “But life is uncertain, and we did not want to wait [until retirement] to get started,” Morrill adds. “We all agreed that this incredible opportunity to do this now, together as a family, was worth the risks and challenges.”

maine cabin masters building italy spinoff chase morrill ashley and ryan
Courtesy of Magnolia Network

For the Eldridges, taking on this project was an exciting opportunity to spend time with family and be immersed in Italian culture. “I am most excited to be working with my nieces and nephew,” Ashley says. “They are all growing up so fast so any chance we get to hang out with them is the best.”

Renovating a home in a different country also proved to be a fun challenge. “It didn’t take long to realize the differences in building techniques between Italy and the States and how physically demanding the work is,” Ryan says. “Even though you may not speak the same language as someone, a smile and some bad acting (aka charades) can overcome this most of the time.”

They worked hard with a team of Italian contractors to complete the home on a tight timeline. "There were plenty of unforeseen challenges and lots of new skills to learn, but the way the kids stepped up was truly remarkable," Morrill adds. "They learned how to strip every kind of hard stone wall down to bare bones; how to mix up and apply so many variations of plaster, stucco, and cement; how to tile like an Italian master; how to hang wallpaper; how to install crown molding; how to build new furniture and restore old furniture; and so many other things!"

How Did the Morrills Find Their Dream Home in Italy?

maine cabin masters building italy spinoff chase morrill ashley and ryan
Courtesy of Magnolia Network

The Morrill family had a specific vision for what they wanted in their Italian oasis. “We traveled all over southern Italy from Umbria down to the lesser-known Molise and Abruzzo regions,” Morrill says. “We viewed lots of properties that were beautiful and had pieces of what we wanted, but this house had all the right stuff. It was important to us that the kids be involved, so everyone brought their perspective to the search.”

The mountainous region of Molise is roughly three hours from Rome and two-and-a-half hours from Naples, meaning it’s also well-positioned for travel—which the Morrills have prioritized since their kids were young. “Adventuring together is an important part of our family identity and has been the foundation of so many shared memories,” Morrill says. “For now, we plan to use the house as a place to retreat and relax, as well as a vacation jump-off spot. Our Italian home base will also allow us to easily explore more of Europe, which is exciting."

Looking ahead, the Morrills hope to produce and share olive oil from the olive trees on their property. And, of course, they hope to spend more time there with other family and friends there. “It is an incredible privilege to have had this opportunity, and we want to share this incredible place with the friends and family that have supported this journey,” Morrill says. “We hope that it gets lots of use and lots of love!”

How Many Episodes Are in the Spinoff?

Maine Cabin Masters: Building Italy includes six, hour-long episodes.

When Is the Premiere Date?

The series will premiere on June 17 at 9 p.m. ET on Magnolia Network. New episodes will continue to air weekly on Mondays.

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