"Legacies" Is Bidding Farewell To An Original Cast Member, And Fans Are Really Upset

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🚨Warning: There are some MAJOR spoilers for Season 4 below!🚨

Let's cut right to the chase: This week, Legacies unexpectedly said goodbye to an original cast member.

Legacies cast in 2020
Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for SCAD aTVfest 2020

On Thursday, Kaylee Bryant, who plays Josie Saltzman, announced that they would be leaving Legacies and that this week's episode (Season 4, Episode 9) would mark her last appearance as a series regular.

Kaylee Bryant at a red carpet event wearing a blazer, jeans, and a dark shirt
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“As a fan of The Vampire Diaries universe myself, thank you to The CW and Warner Bros. TV for giving me this opportunity,” Bryant said in a statement to TVLine. “I am so grateful to the fans and will love them always and forever for welcoming and accepting me into this world. Josie has helped so many beautiful humans feel comfortable in their sexuality, and I hope her legacy lives on so that one day everyone feels free to love whoever they want regardless of gender.”

Kaylee Bryant as Josie wearing a sweater and plaid skirt
Bob Mahoney / The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

The sudden departure came as a shock to many fans, who had no idea this week's episode would be Bryant's last. The midseason finale, which aired Thursday, saw Josie leaving on a one-way bus to go find Hope.

Josie says goodbye to Finch: "Maybe when I come back we can see where you and I are"

It didn't exactly feel like a proper goodbye episode, especially for such a major character. There was no real closure, no big final scenes between Josie and her family. Just a quick goodbye to her girlfriend, Finch, and then, poof. Gone.

The CW

Josie was first introduced as a character when she and her twin sister, Lizzie, were born to Alaric and their surrogate mother, Caroline, in The Vampire Diaries. Josie continued to appear as a guest role in the spinoff The Originals. Eventually, the latest installment in the TVD universe was born, and Kaylee Bryant was cast as the now-teenage Josie. She was one of the core protagonists of the show, along with Lizzie and their classmate, Hope Mikaelson (Klaus and Hayley's daughter from The Originals).

Josie Hope and Lizzie holding onto each other in "Legacies"
Mark Hill / The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

Josie quickly became a fan-favorite character and was especially praised for pansexual representation. Throughout the show, Josie had numerous male and female love interests. While her latest relationship was with new student Finch, fans especially latched onto the idea of a relationship between Josie and Hope, which became known as "Hosie."

Both Kaylee Bryant and Danielle Rose Russell (who plays Hope) were supportive of the ship. Bryant told BuzzFeed in an interview back in June:

Despite the enthusiasm for Hosie, the ship never sailed. Some fans have accused the show of queerbaiting its audience with moments such as Hope and Josie admitting to crushing on each other, romantic music playing during their scenes together, and jokes about the characters' attraction to each other.

Hope: "You had a crush on me?" Josie: "Of course I did"
The CW

The sudden departure feels like a loss for many fans, especially queer ones. While recent years have seen growth in LGBTQ representation on TV, many shows still seem hesitant to fully embrace queer relationships, especially between two main characters. For instance, Supergirl fans held out hope for Kara and Lena (dubbed "Supercorp") 'til the end of the series, but it never happened. Other shows, like She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, wait until the series finale to confirm a queer relationship with a last-minute kiss or declaration of love. Even in 2021, it's still pretty rare to see a queer relationship between two main characters develop organically and be given the same amount of screen time as the other ships.

"She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" finale kiss

It's not known why Bryant left the show, or if they'll ever return for future guest appearances. Executive producers Brett Matthews and Julie Plec said to TVLine: “While it’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to such a beloved Super Squad member, we wish Kaylee happiness and success. We look forward to watching her career grow in the future, and our door at Legacies will always be open to her, because the world is simply a better place with Josie Saltzman in it.”

Lizzie and Josie
Annette Brown / The CW Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

Basically, fans are pretty devastated over the news. Here are some of the reactions to Josie's departure:


















Bryant tweeted a message to fans last night:

You can stream the latest episode of Legacies here.