Maika Monroe and Jake Lacy take a very Gone Girl hike in the first Significant Other trailer

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Jake Lacy and Maika Monroe in Significant Other
Jake Lacy and Maika Monroe in Significant Other

Any and all readers excitedly planning a backpacking trip with a paramour, proceed with caution through this story. The new trailer for Paramount+’s Significant Other has landed, and the Maika Monroe and Jake Lacy-led thriller appears to be a living testament to a romantic hike’s worst-case scenarios.

Per the official logline, Monroe and Lacy star as Harry and Ruth, a couple “who take a remote backpacking trip through the Pacific Northwest.” This isn’t exactly the life-affirming backpacking journey Cheryl Strayed took in Wild, but as the audience quickly finds out, its central journey does turn into a solo hike. When the trailer begins, two other hikers discover Ruth lying in the woods with a bloody temple, but conscious—Harry is nowhere to be found. “What happened to you?” one of the concerned duo asks. “I don’t remember,” Monroe responds.

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Significant Other | Official Trailer | Paramount+

Rewind: when we meet Ruth and Harry at the onset of their journey, spirits are high and, especially for Harry, the sun hasn’t set on the honeymoon phase. A couple so outdoorsy and good-looking surely couldn’t have any problems, right? Despite all the trees surrounding them, it appears nobody had the sense to knock on wood.

Whether there was trouble in paradise before the trip or not, mayhem finds a way in the form of a mysterious blue goo that appears in different dark corners of the forest. At first, Ruth is hesitant about investigating the goo, eyeballing it through the crack in an old tree and poking a pool of it found in a cave with an errant stick. By the time her rescuers start to realize that maybe “there’s something wrong with her,” she’s off to the races.

Ruth may not remember what happened in the period when her couple’s vacation consciously uncoupled, but all the evidence points to a lot. Leaping through the forest covered in blue goo, consistently shooting pointed maniacal glances, and obsessively sharpening knives, Ruth absolutely attended the beach-that-makes-you-old school of bonkers survival.

Overall, the crux of the film is presumably its ominous confusion: what really happened out there, and to who? Though Ruth is made out to be a viciously unreliable narrator, there’s no one who does a descent from out-of-touch boyfriend to violent terror like Lacy—this writer wouldn’t be surprised if Harry is far from as innocent as he seems.

Significant Other will debut on Paramount+ on October 7.