Maggie Rose Previews Dramatic ‘Sugar Maple’ Podcast With New Song ‘Two Arms to Hold on To’

GettyImages-1235632271-2 - Credit: Steve Jennings/GettyImages
GettyImages-1235632271-2 - Credit: Steve Jennings/GettyImages

“What happens when a guitar has a soul of its own?” narrator Fred Savage wonders in the new podcast Sugar Maple, a dramatic fictional account of a guitar that’s passed from musician to musician with inspiring results.

Presented by Osiris Media and premiering Tuesday, March 15, Sugar Maple features 16 original songs by artists like Phish’s Trey Anastasio and Nashville soul singer Maggie Rose. Rose’s contribution — the lush “Two Arms to Hold On To” — arrives today. “It’s hard to keep my roots deep down in solid ground/’cause this cold wind just keeps blowing me around,” Rose sings in the track, a song about breaking free from a bad situation to find your true self.

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Rose, who hosts her own Osiris podcast Salute the Songbird and whose album Have a Seat was named one of Rolling Stone’s best country and Americana albums of 2021, also lends her voice as a character, along with stage actress L Morgan Lee, Orange Is the New Black’s Michele Hurst, and Watchmen’s Jacob Ming-Trent. As narrator, Savage takes on the role of documentarian Terrance Woodridge, who’s tracking the guitar’s history.

Produced by Tom Marshall and RJ Bee, Sugar Maple spans eight episodes with new episodes premiering every Tuesday from March 15 through May 3. For music fans, it’s a unique journey: each episode focuses on a different genre of music, all played by the instrument dubbed “Sugar Maple.”


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