Madonna, 65, Suffers A Fall From A Chair During Her Concert In Seattle [VIDEO]

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Madonna had a dramatic mishap and fell during a recent stop on her Celebration tour.

Videos of the moment went viral, showing the iconic singer falling from her chair but then getting up with a smile.

Madonna's in the middle of her Celebration Tour, which she initially postponed after getting a severe bacterial infection last year. After a treatment and recovery period, the music icon has been on the roll with her life and career.

Madonna Falls Off Chair During Her Concert

Madonna kicks off her world tour "The Celebration Tour" with her first concert in London.

A video of Madonna from her recent show on the Seattle leg of her Celebration Tour recently went viral on social media. The video revealed an incident from the show at the Climate Pledge Arena when Madonna fell on the stage.

In the short clip, Madonna was recorded sitting on a chair as part of the choreography for "Open Your Heart."

The dance routine requires a dancer to pull the chair back towards the stage, but on this occasion, the male dancer's high heels caused a slip, leading to Madonna and the dancer falling onto the ground.

After losing her composure and balance for a minute, Madonna flipped onto her stomach and laughed as she posed for the crowd. After that, a man with a camera on the stage came to help her up onto another chair.

Madonna Turned The Incident Into A Joke

Madonna, 65, Suffers A Fall From A Chair During Her Concert In Seattle [VIDEO]

As Madonna tried to continue performing on the chair, she realized she was, unfortunately, sitting the wrong way. The crowd laughed as she swore mildly and turned around to the correct position. Another dancer with a chair then came towards her to continue the performance.

Although Madonna tried to keep the show going, she was still a bit confused by the fall and said, "S---, I forgot the words." After a moment, she recalled the lyrics to the song and finished the choreography for the cheering crowd.

Shortly after the video went viral, fans flooded the post with comments of adoration for the music legend.

One person wrote, "She is a freaking pro. All her efforts to entertain us. You gotta love her. She's Incredible." Another fan commented, "And no one will dare say anything bad about her fall because she owned it and saved it with that cheeky laugh of hers!"

The Singer Recently Recovered From A Bacterial Infection

MADONNA Performing at the Sandbox pride Nyc show

Madonna has been busy with her Celebration Tour, which was initially postponed after her hospitalization last year.

In June, the singer was found unresponsive in her home and admitted to intensive care. At the time, an insider revealed to Page Six that she'd been "strenuously rehearsing" for periods of 12 hours in preparation for the tour.

The infection got so bad that Madonna had to be put into a medically induced coma to aid her recovery. She had planned to begin the tour in Vancouver on July 15, but the illness forced her to postpone the dates indefinitely. She eventually started the tour at the O2 Stadium in October and is scheduled to finish in Mexico City on April 26.

During her December performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Madonna opened up to the crowd about her hospitalization and recovery from the infection. The "Material Girl" singer admitted that it was actually a "f----- miracle" that she survived.

Madonna Flaunts Her Iconic Red Negligee

Madonna kicks off her world tour "The Celebration Tour" with her first concert in London.

Since her recovery, Madonna has been enjoying her life and showing off on social media. The "Vogue" singer recently posted a photo of her hands and knees while wearing a red and black lacy lingerie-inspired dress.

The photo was posted just before she attended Thursday's Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame fan day in Cleveland.

In an Instagram Story post, the Grammy Award-winning artist posed sultrily and paired her raunchy outfit with fishnet tights and black leather boots.

The caption read, "What's up Cleveland? It's my special day at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland today! Check it out!" She also wore the racy outfit on stage for several of her "Celebration" Tour performances.