I Made Tons Of Friendship Bracelets For Taylor Swift’s Concert, And Have Some Ideas For The Eras Tour Concert Film

 Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour" at SoFi Stadium on August 03, 2023 in Inglewood, California.
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Trading of friendship bracelets is easily my favorite tradition created for the Eras Tour. Before Swifties flocked to stadiums all across the country this summer, many took the time to make Eras-specific friendship bracelets to exchange with fellow fans. As someone who partook in this experience at the concert, I can confirm it was a blast, and it’s such a meaningful way to connect with fellow Taylor Swift fans. Now, this experience is carrying over to the Eras Tour concert film, which hits theaters on October 13, and I have some ideas for you!

As someone who has made tons of bracelets for both the concert, and now the film, I’ve compiled a list of friendship bracelet ideas that should cover all your creative bases as you prepare to experience the Eras Tour on the big screen.

Friendship bracelets that say
Friendship bracelets that say

Movie Specific Bracelets

While there is a lot of overlap when it comes to bracelets you can make for both the live show and the movie, there is a select list of options that only apply to seeing Taylor Swift’s concert in theaters. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for this special cinematic experience on the 2023 movie schedule:

  • In My AMC Era – Obviously, this can be tweaked to reflect whatever theater you are going to.

  • “I think I’ve seen this film before” – This lyric from “Exile” is perfect for the movie.

  • This scene feels like what I once saw on a screen”  – A perfect lyric from “Snow On The Beach.”

  • “The greatest films of all time were never made” – “The 1” has a great film-related lyric.

  • “I hit the Sunday matinee” – Another fabulous lyric from “The 1.”

  • “If This Was A Movie” – A great song from Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

  • Self-Titled – The way they refer to Taylor Swift in the Eras Tour movie trailer. You'll also notice the last E in the photo is an F, because I ran out of the vowel...more on that later.

  • 2 hr. 45 min. – the runtime of the concert film, which is shorter than the actual live show, and Swifties made sure everyone knew that.

Friendship bracelet that says 1989.
Friendship bracelet that says 1989.

The Basics: Albums, Songs, Lyrics & More

When I went to the Eras Tour this summer, the bracelets I made really leaned into the basics. I did the albums and my favorite tracks, and it was so much fun exchanging them and finding out which Eras were the Swifties’ favorites. Here are a few ideas that will cover your basic Taylor Swift terms:

  • Obviously, you have to make bracelets for each album: Debut, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), Red (Taylor’s Version), 1989 (Taylor’s Version), Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore and Midnights.

  • Pro tip: if you don’t have numbers, you can do a make-shift 1989 with the letters “I-P-B-P

  • The Eras Tour

  • Taylors’ Version

  • Use the hits: “Love Story,” “Anti-Hero,” “Bejeweled,” “All Too Well,” “Cruel Summer,” “Long Live,” “Enchanted,” LWYMMD (“Look What You Made Me Do”), “Delicate,” “Willow”

  • “August” “Betty” and “Cardigan” – the Folklore trilogy

  • Make two bracelets, one with Miss Americana and another with The Heartbreak Prince.

  • “I’m the problem” – a lyric from “Anti-Hero”

  • Your Dream Surprise Songs: Mine would be “Getaway Car” and “Right Where You Left Me.”

  • Or if you went to the Eras Tour, do the surprise songs you got – mine were “Picture to Burn” and “Timeless.”

Friendship bracelets that say
Friendship bracelets that say

Unhinged Ideas

Personally, my favorite bracelets are the unhinged ones. What I mean by this is, these are the sayings that are deep cuts and really funny. Whether they’re misheard lyrics, TikTok comments, or viral moments, there are lots of fun chaotic bracelets you can make. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve made, and found on TikTok through videos by eliza_flynn27 and createdbya1.

  • Ratatatatata – You know, that noise from “I Did Something Bad.”

  • Starbucks Lovers” – The commonly misheard lyric from “Black Space.”

  • He looks so pretty like a devil” – Another, commonly misheard lyric, this one is from “Cruel Summer.”

  • Hey! Stop!” – Swift yelled this at a security guard during the middle of a performance of “Bad Blood” while defending a fan.

  • “Swift AF Boi” – What Swift commented on a TikTok someone posted of her bolting down the stage after a minor malfunction.

  • T-Swizzle

  • “Cuz She’s Dead.” – The end of the phone call in “Look What You Made Me Do.”

  • “Spelling is Fun” – A line from “ME!”

  • Seemingly Ranch – Why not give a little hilarious nod to that wild weekend where Taylor Swift went to a Kansas City Chiefs game to see her (maybe) boyfriend Travis Kelce play?

Friendship bracelets that say
Friendship bracelets that say

Super Swiftie Deep Cuts

This list is for my Swifties who clowned their hearts out over the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) release date, and have been tracking the theories around the release of Reputation (Taylor’s Version). These ideas are for those of us who watch live streams of the Eras Tour on TikTok, and have been fans for over a decade. These are some deep cuts, and if you trade with someone, and they get a good laugh out of these, you’ll know you found a very serious Swiftie like yourself.

  • “1,2,3…Let’s go bitch” – Classic etiquette of the Eras Tour.

  • No It’s Becky – In reference to the A+ Tumblr meme from 2014.

  • “I Have A New Baby At Home” – Swift said this while on The Graham Norton Show.

  • “My Mind is Alive” – What Taylor Swift said after having laser eye surgery, she told the story on The Tonight Show.

  • “In My Monologue”  – What Swift sang during her SNL monologue in 2013.

  • “Get Out Of My House” – What she screamed while filming “Look What You Made Me Do.”

A freindship bracelets that says
A freindship bracelets that says

No E's Required

I’m going to be so real with you, you are going to run out of the letter E super fast. I did. Remember, the vowels go quickly, so use them sparingly, especially those E’s. So, with that in mind, here are some Taylor Swift-specific bracelet ideas that do not require the second vowel in the alphabet.

  • Taylor Swift

  • “Karma” – Facts.

  • Constantly Clowning

  • Fuck the Patriarchy – from “All Too Well (10 Min. Version)”

  • “Sparks Fly”

  • “Tim McGraw”

  • “Our Song”

  • “Out of the Woods”

  • “The Man”

  • “Cardigan”

  • “August”

There are a lot of ideas here, and there are so many more out there. I know one of the big questions about the Eras Tour movie is regarding how many bracelets to bring. My answer is to do what your heart tells you. The Swifties are going to be more than happy to trade friendship bracelets and stories at the movie. So, make five or make 100, it will give you something really special to take to the movie that will help you connect with fellow Taylor Swift fans, and truly “remember this moment.”

So, take these ideas, “make the friendship bracelets,” and have a grand old time when you go see Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour on October 13.