‘Made of Honor’ Cast: Where Are They Now? Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan and More

Oh, Monica! Oh, Bill! 2008’s Made of Honor proved to fans that your best friend can be your soulmate — even if the friendship happened by drunk luck. The romantic comedy, starring Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan, is a cult classic among its viewers. In the film, eternal bachelor Tom (Dempsey) drunkenly lands in Hannah’s (Monaghan) college dorm bed while dressed up as Bill Clinton and a friendship blossoms. When Hannah gets engaged to Colin (Kevin McKidd), she enlists Tom to be her maid of honor. Throughout the pre-wedding festivities, which take place in Scotland, Tom realizes that he is in love with Hannah and must figure out how to stop the marriage. Back in September 2008, Monaghan recalled her great chemistry with the Grey’s Anatomy alum from the moment they first met. “I hadn’t done a fully-fledged romantic comedy [up until that point] so that was something on my list of things I wanted to do and Patrick seemed like the natural choice,” the Nanny actress told Female First at the time. “I had been a fan of Grey’s Anatomy for a long time and when I sat down to meet with Patrick for the first time — and with [director] Paul Weiland — he was just so charming.” She recalled Dempsey being “so down to earth and easy going and self deprecating.” After the duo auditioned and “improvised” together, it became clear that they would “have a good time,” which Monaghan said they “really did.” The Echoes star also opened up about what it was like filming at Blenheim Palace in England as well as multiple Scotland landmarks. “That was insane, we shot in the most beautiful castles, which were great, because we worked six-day weeks and so we didn’t have a lot of time to sight see,” Monaghan told the outlet. “We shot in so many beautiful historical places, so we kind of killed two birds with one stone. We also shot in Woodstock, [England], which is the cutest town both Patrick and I had ever seen. We loved it there. Oh my gosh, it was amazing, it looked like a movie set.” She added: “Scotland was probably one of the most romantic places I had ever been, it was so pretty there.” More than a decade after the film came out, Monaghan reunited with two of her movie bridesmaids Busy Philipps and Whitney Cummings on Busy Tonight. The trio reminisced about the shenanigans that took place across the pond. “When we were shooting the movie, we were your best friends but we never got to be near you in the movie,” Cummings, who played Stephanie, said during the April 2019 reunion. Philipps, who portrayed Melissa, confessed that despite the lack of joint scenes there was a “lot of drinking involved” on location. “Did you notice that it didn’t actually get dark until 2 a.m.? That was an issue,” Monaghan added. “We just continued to drink scotch until the sun went down … and the sun never went down.” Scroll down to see what the Made of Honor cast has been doing since 2008: