Maddie & Tae Channel Marie Kondo In ‘Spring Cleaning’ Music Video

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Maddie & Tae - Photo: YouTube (Courtesy of Mercury Nashville)
Maddie & Tae - Photo: YouTube (Courtesy of Mercury Nashville)

Maddie & Tae are getting a head start on a new beginning in the music video for their latest single “Spring Cleaning.” The song will appear on the country duo’s forthcoming 8-track EP Through The Madness, Vol. 2, set for release on September 23 via Mercury Nashville.

“Your steadiness was seldom, wearing out your welcome / Ain’t a smile and wave with this goodbye,” they sing on the track’s opening verse. “So I’ma say “thank you” and let you go / Guess I took a little note from Marie Kondo.”

In the video, Maddie & Tae put a face to the culprit as they clean out more than just dust from their home – getting rid of everything that no longer brings them joy. Bright pink rubber gloves in hand, the duo makes microphones out of broomsticks and feather dusters.

Through The Madness, Vol. 2 follows the release of its first edition earlier this year. Explaining the title, the pair told Off The Record UK: “We’ve had so many different experiences, but I think that this album is all about seeing the beauty in the madness and kind of walking into the madness of your life with like, ‘All right, I’m ready for whatever crazy life is about to throw at me. And I’m just going to do the best I can.’”

Initially, Through The Madness was also inspired by the forced stillness of the pandemic, which took touring off of Maddie & Tae’s slate. Now, they’re gearing up to get back on the road with CMT’s Next Women of Country Tour Presents: All Song No Static.

The collection of dates begins on September 15 in Oklahoma City and concludes in Grand Rapids on October 15. During the month in between the two, Maddie & Tae will make stops in Dallas, Houston, Boston, New York, West Hollywood, San Jose, Nashville, Atlanta, Columbus, and more. Tickets can be found on the official Maddie & Tae website.

Pre-order Through The Madness, Vol. 2.

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