Maddie Poppe prematurely learned she won 'American Idol' and Ryan Seacrest is to blame

·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Only hours after winning this season’s American Idol, Maddie Poppe visited Live With Kelly and Ryan. The singer just had to tell the Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, that she had found out that she was the winner before everyone else.

She admitted, “I have to tell you guys something. Ryan, you’re really bad at hiding the card. … There was a moment where me and Caleb looked at each other because we both looked at the card before you said it. I couldn’t help it!”

Seacrest was flabbergasted that he had accidentally revealed the winner to the winner by not covering up the name on the card given to him during the final reveal.

Poppe added, referencing the large gold card that Seacrest was holding, “I saw the big ‘Maddie Poppe,’ and I was like, well, hopefully it doesn’t say this is the person who’s getting cut.”

Here’s why American Idol really did have the happiest ending:

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