Madame Web has been reviewed by Hideo Kojima and it’s taken him just six words to bury the film

 Madame Web.
Madame Web.
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Hideo Kojima’s Twitter profile proudly states that 70% of his body is made of movies. It shows on his social media page, too. The legendary video game developer continually reviews movies and shows both old and new.

While Kojima is never downright brutal with his verdicts, one rule of thumb sticks out: long reviews = good/short reviews = bad.

By that metric, Madame Web might be one of the worst movies Kojima has ever seen. The Spider-Man Universe spin-off, starring Dakota Johnson as the titular Madame Web, has flopped both commercially and critically, garnering only $90m at the box office and sitting on 13% with reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now, Kojima only adds to the growing voices of displeasure with his own ‘review’: "Saw ‘Madame Web’ at the theater."

That’s it. That’s the whole tweet. With it, Madame Web joins other one-sentence reviews by Kojima – including 2017’s The Mummy and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

By contrast, Kojima was positively effusive about another comic book project: Marvel Studios’ Disney Plus series Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac.

"I have always wanted to watch Moon Knight because I am a fan of Oscar Isaac, but I held out until the BD-box came out… What a surprise! This is so original! The artwork, the world, the direction, the pacing! It's unlike any hero movie I've ever seen," Kojima wrote.

He continued, "Above all, the main character, Stephen, is lonely and weak. I had never imagined such a pathetic and unattractive Oscar Isaac. But this is the good thing. Oscar Isaac succeeds in taking on this difficult role. Excellent casting. I am looking forward to seeing more."

Kojima, meanwhile, is taking his own tentative steps towards Hollywood. A Death Stranding movie, in partnership with A24, is in the works.

"It’s easier to adapt it into a TV series, like The Last of Us," Kojima said in the latest episode of HideoTube. "It’s quite difficult to adapt a 50-60 hour game like Death Stranding into a 2-3 hour movie." In the same interview, Kojima hinted that cuts would have to be made, adding, "the story of the game as is won’t fit into just two hours."

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