Macy Gray's NBA All-Star Game National Anthem Draws Viral Reactions from LeBron James, Bill Murray

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Macy Gray's sultry spin on the national anthem at the 2022 NBA All-Star Game caught the internet's attention — and that of LeBron James, whose reaction to the performance quickly went viral.

The R&B singer, 54, kicked things off in Cleveland on Sunday with her take on "The Star Spangled-Banner," which featured her signature soulful rasp.

As the "I Try" singer made her way through the tune in a houndstooth dress and long navy coat, the camera panned to the All-Star athletes waiting to take the court, including James, 37.

The Lakers star was caught on video smiling to himself as Gray sang, and at one point was seen biting his lip as if to stifle a laugh.

Next to him, Steph Curry — who was famously seen trying not to smile when Fergie sang the national anthem in 2018 — was a bit more stoic, and was seen looking up during the performance.

Also in attendance was a stone-faced Bill Murray, 71, who was filmed staring straight ahead at the Grammy-winning Gray with an indistinguishable, if slightly confused, look on his face.

"When I tell you I came RUNNING to Twitter after that Macy gray National anthem 🏃‍♀️," one Twitter user wrote.

Macy Gray
Macy Gray

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Macy Gray

Gray's buzzed-about performance comes four years after Fergie gave her famously jazzy rendition of the national anthem at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, sparking a flood of reactions and memes.

Team LeBron, captained by James, came out victorious on Sunday, beating Kevin Durant's Team Durant 163-160. Curry, 33, walked away with the 2022 Kobe Bryant NBA All-Star Game MVP award after he broke Paul George's record for most 3-pointers in a single All-Star Game.