Macy Gray Denies Being Abused By Her Son, Says They ‘Love Each Other’

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Singer Macy Gray has denied her daughter, Aanisah Hinds' claims that her son, Tracy Melvin Hinds, has been abusive to everyone in their household.

Gray said that her son would "never hit her" and claimed that the two of them love each other. The singer's comments are in stark contrast to her daughter's, who alleged that Tracy got into a "physical altercation" with their mother and fought her fiancé.

Macy Gray Slams Daughter's Abuse Claims

Macy Gray spotted at TAO Restaurant

Gray has come out to deny her daughter's allegations made against her son Tracy. The singer, in a statement from her rep, said her son would never harm her and that while they have their issues, they are currently dealing with it.

The statement read, "Me and my son love each other and he would never think of causing me any physical harm. Outside of that, like any family, we have our issues, and we're dealing with it."

Gray's remarks are very different from that of her daughter, Aanisah Hinds, who accused her brother of abuse and harassment and filed a request for a temporary restraining order.

The Blast broke the news of Aanisah's shocking filing, in which she noted multiple alleged instances of Tracy's abusive behavior.

Aanisah also claimed that her mother, Gray, didn't file the documents herself because she is a "celebrity" and didn't want to spend time arguing this in court.

The 29-year-old filed a restraining order for herself, her mother, and her fiancé, Cornel Pearson. She asked the court to issue a move-out order, no-contact order, and a stay-away order, ensuring her brother stays 100 yards away from her mother, fiancé, vehicle, home, and workplace.

Aanisah Hinds Claims Her Brother Got Into A Physical Altercation With Famous Mother

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In the legal filing by Aanisah, which The Blast obtained, she made several scathing allegations against her younger brother as reasons for wanting a restraining order.

Recounting the latest alleged abuse incident, Aanisah said: "Tracy got into a physical altercation with my mom [Gray], he followed her and harassed her as he always does when he drinks. My boyfriend [Cornel] tried to remove my mom, but he continued to follow them until he fought my boyfriend."

She continued, "We waited for cops to come while he continued to bang on the doors of our rooms, looking for confrontation. After he was out of the house, we locked the doors, but he came back through a window and began harassing [us] again. Later, he pushed me, and he has done so many times."

Gray's daughter further claimed that the cops eventually showed up but couldn't help them out with the situation as they had no video evidence of the alleged abuse. She wrote that they were then advised by the police to file a restraining order against Tracy.

Macy Gray's Daughter Accused Her Son Of Attacking Her While Intoxicated

Macy Gray Denies Being Abused By Her Son, Says They 'Love Each Other'

According to the legal document, Aanisah shared more incidences of alleged abuse from her younger brother, Tracy. She recalled an incident where he allegedly threw a drink at her and attacked her fiancé while intoxicated.

Aanisah said that Tracy was "drunk and [belligerent]" during the said incident and "argued with everyone in the house." She further noted that her boyfriend had to step in when her younger brother got violent with her. This made the 28-year-old "irate" and caused him to fight Aanisah's fiancé.

"Tracy was drunk, and my boyfriend was forced to defend himself. Tracy threatened to kill my boyfriend and constantly harassed us," the court document read.

Gray's daughter added that during this specific incident, they decided not to call the cops on her younger brother because they wanted to get him help for his alleged drinking.