"I Actually Got Second Hand Embarrassment": A Machine Gun Kelly Interview Went Viral This Weekend, And MGK Himself Just Responded

Machine Gun Kelly responded after an awkward clip of him being interviewed by Formula One commentator Martin Brundle at the Brazilian Grand Prix went viral.

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As part of attending the Grand Prix, celebrities aren't allowed entourages on the grid after Megan Thee Stallion's security previously declined an interview with Martin. He then claimed that a "Martin Brundle clause" was created to obligate celebrities to talk to him, to which F1 clarified that interviews were not required — but "they will be asked to be courteous should they decline to speak.”

MGK posing with race car drivers
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The clip begins with Martin welcoming MGK to the Grand Prix, and MGK fiddling with Martin's poppy pin. "Tell us about your career at the moment, that's a poppy," Martin continued. "What? What are you saying?" MGK replied.

Martin and MGK in an interview

Remembrance poppies are commonly worn in Britain to commemorate military personal who have died in war.

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"Oh, my career. I don't think about my career," MGK continued, after some clarification. Martin then replied, "Good luck with it, whatever you do."

Martin interviewing Machine Gun Kelly
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Martin followed up with another question: "What do you think about our business, in Formula One?" MGK's response was, "I think your business is great, it's loud, you're life's on the line, that's exciting. I was in a studio the other week and Lewis Hamilton was in the other studio. That was nice."

MGK and Martin in an interview
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MGK then asked Martin to do his best "air guitar," to which Martin looked fairly flustered and said that he only once had a piano lesson. "Alright, air guitar and air piano, 3, 2, 1..." MGK said, while Martin interjected, "No, there's millions [watching]."

Martin interviewing MGK
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"I need the piano," MGK urged, to which Martin said, "I probably need to get on, because we've got some people to see." After Martin's refusal, MGK gave him a thumbs down and walked away. "Something tells me I won't be on his Christmas card list," Martin added.

MGK giving the thumbs down
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MGK's name started trending on Twitter as people called the clip "awkward" and "cringe."

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However, MGK clearly wasn't a fan of the jabs sent his way. He responded to a now-private tweet, "My vibe is 'the worst' how? Because someone put a microphone in my face essentially forcing me to do a random interview when I was just trying to enjoy an event? Because car engines were so loud I couldn't hear him? Please tell me more about why I'm the worst."

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He then called the video "pointless" and questioned why someone was posting it:

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"My anxiety has won. I hate being in public," he concluded.

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It's not the first time Martin's F1 interviewing style has gone viral. Cara Delevingne declined an interview with him earlier this year, where she also said that she couldn't hear what he was saying, to which he somewhat sarcastically said, "Alright, well, I'm sure it would've been extremely interesting."

Closeup of Martin trying to interview Cara Delevingne
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What do you make of the interview?