Machine Gun Kelly Is Being Called Out For “Fetishizing” And “Degrading” Black Women After His Sexually And Racially Charged Comments From A Resurfaced Interview Went Viral

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Machine Gun Kelly is facing harsh criticism online after offensive comments he made about Black women and oral sex resurfaced across social media this week.

The resurfaced video clip, which is from a 2012 interview at the BET Awards, shows MGK — whose real name is Colson Baker — making a series of sexually inappropriate statements about Black women.

The interviewer speaking to Colson is a Black woman herself and has since reportedly taken to Twitter to defend the artist, who was around 22 at the time.

During the interview, she gives Colson a hug before saying, “You recently tweeted that you like chocolate milk... I’m chocolate, you know.”

Colson goes on to make reference to his Black child Casie, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon — though makes a series of disturbing sexual remarks about Black women more broadly in the same sentence.

“My child’s Black,” he replies, before adding a moment later: “Black girls give the best head.”

The interviewer says, “Usually we’re told that we don’t,” to which Colson replies, “This is what y’all do. Y’all either give the best head, or you say you don’t give head.”

“White girls, they just give head, you know... Most of y’all [Black girls] say, ‘I don’t do that unless you’re my man,’” he says, imitating Black women.

“You just need to show your skills, ‘cause Black girls give the best head, 100%,” he adds.

At this point, a Black woman who is standing nearby apparently walks away after hearing Colson’s offensive comments. The video cuts to blank, with the following text appearing onscreen: “Of course the Black woman behind me gets offended and walks away.”

But in response to seeing her take offense to his comments, Colson goes on to insult the woman, using a series of derogatory remarks.

Colson says, “Bitch, walk the fuck away then, you fucking dirty dick bitch.”

“Ew, bitch,” he continues. “Weak-ass dress and fake-ass Louis Vuitton purse. I’ll go in on this bitch.”

“Hair all fucked up, lipstick smeared everywhere, fuck outta here. You look like you just got done giving head,” he adds.

He then turns his attention back to the camera and interviewer, saying: “But anyway, motherfucker, that’s all that needs to happen man... You just need to embrace the blowjobs.”

Sharing the old clip on Twitter this week, singer Alice Glass wrote: “I’m sorry I have to give a trigger warning for this one. this video of mgk is disturbing.”

Alice added, “why, as a white man, would you ever talk like this? fetishizing black women and in such a disrespectful way!? … apologize for this @machinegunkelly this was beyond disgusting.”

The clip quickly went viral across Twitter, with several users now calling on Colson to apologize for his “ignorant” and “degrading” comments. “He should apologise to women in general, so disrespectful,” one wrote.

In a similar vein, another user condemned Colson for “sexualizing a whole group of marginalized [people]” with his remarks.

“This is SO disturbing wtf!!!” they tweeted. “Never seen this before, but the way he talked about the woman that walked away (bc he was being very disrespectful and sexualizing a whole group of marginalized ppl) ???? DISGUSTING.”

Several people went on to note that Colson’s own daughter — as he points out himself — is Black and expressed their confusion at the artist’s nonchalant sexualization of Black women with this in mind.

“And he has a daughter whose probably gonna identify as a black woman…” wrote one user.

“this crazy cause he definitely has a half black daughter. how would he feel if she saw him talking like this?” another echoed.

Others added that Colson’s comments are all the more uncomfortable given that the interview took place during the BET Awards, an awards show established by the Black Entertainment Television network, which celebrates the success of Black actors, musicians, and sports stars in the entertainment industry.

“this was when he was invited to the BET awards,” one person tweeted. “why would he get so aggressive towards black women in a majority black space?”

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