’Ma’am Get Up Off the Floor’: CeCe Peniston Tells Fans to ‘Loosen up’ After Being Shamed for Allowing Male Fan to Hump Her Onstage

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Social media users did a double take after video footage showed just how scandalous singer CeCe Peniston’s shows can get.

On Saturday, Sept. 23, the “Finally” songstress performed at the Rivers Casino in Philadelphia as a part of RNB Philly’s “Class Reunion: ‘90’s Dance Party” event.

CeCe Peniston (right) claps back at haters after new video shows her getting humped by an audience member. (Photos: @cecepeniston/Instagram)
CeCe Peniston (right) claps back at haters after new video shows her getting humped by an audience member. (Photos: @cecepeniston/Instagram)

During the show, things got hot and heavy between Peniston and a random fan who decided to show the 54-year-old some of his bedroom moves.

In a now-viral video from the event, Peniston is seen lying on her stomach while a male fan hunches her over and thrusts his genitals on her buttocks. They then pulled themselves up on their knees, and the man began humping her once again.

Seconds after, Peniston decided to seductively crawl away from the man, who quickly mimicked her movements until his lower body covered hers.

“You never know,” the Soul Train nominee wrote as her Instagram caption. She added an array of hashtags before informing her 176 thousand followers, “I told him to come on stage btw !!!”

Media outlet @icecreamconvos shared Peniston’s video on their page, where its comment section was filled with fans who urged the singing legend to “get up” from the ground.

“Respect has just gone in the atmosphere.”


“Ma’am get up off the floor.”

“Why I wish women would go back to having some class an respect.”

“What song required this lll.”

It appeared as if Peniston caught wind of fans’ dislike for the man’s questionable act because she hopped in the comments and let everyone know that their interaction wasn’t anything indecent.

“Y’all need to loosen up it was for ‘fun’ and I’m ‘fully clothed’ and yes I enjoyed it, in fact please let all the holier than thou people raise their hand,” she penned.

Cece Peniston responds to trolls who criticized a man humping on her.
Cece Peniston responds to social media users who criticized a man humping on her. (Pictured: @icecreamconvos_/Instagram)

The last time the “I’m in the Mood” singer was a heavy topic of conversation came after she accused singer Lizzo of copyright infringement. In 2021, Peniston called out the “Truth Hurts” artist for supposedly copying her ad-libs from the song “Finally” for Lizzo’s song, “Juice.”

In an interview with VLADtv, Peniston suggested that Lizzo did not have the common courtesy to contact her and ask to use her song as a sample. Elsewhere in the interview, she did confirm receiving a “piece of a piece” in compensation for the song.

As for Lizzo, she failed to publicly address Peniston’s claims.