‘I’m Sorry For Lying To Them,’ Says Former Police Chief About Women With Whom He Cheated On His Wife

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Jason Collier, Former Chief of Police in Stinnett, Texas, resigned his post in January 2021 after news of his multiple affairs went viral on social media. Jason admits to dating several women simultaneously while still married to and living with his wife, Opal. He says that for a time, he was able to hide his extramarital activities from her by pretending to be working undercover in other areas of the state. Jason currently faces criminal charges of tampering with a governmental record with the intent to defraud after he allegedly sent falsified documents to Cecily, one of the women he had been seeing, to convince her that his marriage to Opal had been annulled. Jason adamantly denies sending Cecily phony annulment papers and also denies her claim that he had proposed to her and another woman he was seeing at the time. Now separated and in the process of getting divorced, Jason says he is no longer interested in having a relationship with Cecily or any of the women he cheated on Opal with. “I’m sorry for lying to them – misleading them,” he says. “A few of them - I did meet their kids - and I’m sorry to the kids as well.” Acknowledging Jason’s exemplary record of service, Dr. Phil asks, “How did you get from there to making such poor decisions?” Watch the video above to hear Jason’s answer, then tune in to the conclusion of this two-part episode, “Exclusive: Texas Police Chief Leading Secret Triple Life Speaks,” airing Wednesday. Check your local listing to find out where you can watch. WATCH: ‘You Either Misled Them, Or You Didn’t,’ Says Dr. Phil To Cheating Husband Who Denies Proposing To 2 Women TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Outrageous news story in your town?