19 Times Out-Of-Touch People Had A Totally Irrational Response To Something That Was, At The Most, A Minor Inconvenience, And At The Least, None Of Their Business

1.This parent who complained when their son was being called...his own name:

A mother named her child Andrew but hates when people call him Andy; at school, he goes by Andy, and the mother has scheduled multiple meetings with teachers to make him stop
SnixPlaysAlot / Via reddit.com

2.This person who sent their neighbor a rude index card because they thought their house had no curb appeal:

A note saying someone's house has no curb appeal, and if they want to live like they're in a different place, maybe they should move there
slippyfist25 / Via reddit.com

3.This nosy lady who couldn't mind her own business if she tried:

A young girl has a curbside booth where she sells cider and donuts, and a woman asked the girl for proof of permits and said she would report her to the FDA for selling cider that says not for resale on it
Deep_Antelope_3877 / Via reddit.com

4.This person who threatened to report someone for telling them to have a nice day:

A person was selling a couch, and a prospective client asked if they could deliver it; the seller said no but have a nice day, and the buyer went on a rant about how rude they are
geese_photographer / Via reddit.com

5.This person who literally thought the fast food worker who put the toppings on their burger had a personal vendetta against them:

Someone goes on a long rant about how a fast food worker was trying to injure them because of how many jalapenos were on their burger, when they asked for jalapenos; the person making the post tried to get the worker fired
spacelordmthrfkr / Via reddit.com

6.This person who thought the noise of a lawn mower was "disturbing the peace":

A post complaining about someone mowing the lawn on Thanksgiving and saying there is always someone disturbing the peace in their neighborhood
greengranolabars / Via reddit.com

7.This verified buyer who decided to write a one-star review for something she never even ordered:

A one-star review for earrings that says the low rating is because the earrings were out of stock and no employees at the store offered to tell them when they get back in stock
Background_Chemist / Via reddit.com

8.This newlywed who expected free food at a restaurant that had no prior knowledge of their wedding:

The review says they went to the restaurant right after their wedding and were disappointed the waiter didn't offer anything for free to celebrate their special day
Radiant-Sun2648 / Via reddit.com

9.This person who called the McDonald's next door to the combination KFC/Taco Bell to complain about the supposedly cold chicken and tacos they received:

A review saying they tried to call a combination KFC/Taco Bell, and when there was no answer, they called the McDonald's next door and asked the people working there to walk next door, knock on the drive-thru window, and tell them to answer the phone
Narkolepse / Via reddit.com

10.This person who called a new restaurant to complain about their name, when they could've just...not done that:

Someone posts about a new restaurant called The Charnel House, and a person responds to say they called the restaurant to ask why they had such macabre name
Orion Pictures / Nikkielauran / Via reddit.com

11.This neighbor who felt so entitled, they sent a handwritten note to someone complaining about their yard decorations:

A note telling someone their lawn decorations are an eye sore and asking that they be taken down
mngirl2465 / Via reddit.com

12.This parent who really thought you could just return food for a refund like a sweater at Macy's:

A review says they ordered 60 sushi rolls, when the bill came and they realized how expensive it was, they tried to return 30 of them to get half off the bill
Tomi_SvK / Via reddit.com

13.This person whose hatred of donuts meant they had to ruin it for the rest of us:

A sign saying a business had to stop making donuts because someone complained about the smell in the air
Synthee / Via reddit.com

14.This comedy fan who complained when people were laughing...at a comedy show:

A one-star review for a comedy show that says the audience ruined the experience because they were laughing after every sentence
laudalahsan / Via reddit.com

15.This person who complained to the city about their neighbor's visible-from-the-street trash cans:

The trash cans are dozens of feet away from the street and are barely visible next to a garage
shatzweak / Via reddit.com

Don't worry. The neighbor found a solution:

The trash cans are still in the same spot, but now have wood panels in front of them that say "fixed LOL"
shatzweak / Via reddit.com

16.This person who gave one star...to a mountain:

A one-star review of a mountain because the hike was too difficult and there were no bathrooms or restaurants at the top
Santinuccio / Via reddit.com

17.This person who questioned if other people watering their own lawns was even legal because it gets the sidewalks a little wet:

A rant calling people too rich, lazy, and privileged because they use sprinklers instead of hand watering their lawn and asking if it's legal because the sprinklers also get water on the sidewalk
yeahrightlikeimgonna / Via reddit.com

18.This person who thought writing in to the local newspaper was definitely a totally normal response to the YMCA changing the pool temperature...by 2 degrees:

A letter to the editor of a local newspaper complaining that the YMCA reduced the temperature of their family pool from 87 to 85 degrees
Boxoblox / Via reddit.com

19.And finally, this person who complained about a restaurant because they were playing a 17-year-old Panic! at the Disco song:

Someone saying they'll never go back to a particular restaurant because a song played that used the lord's name in vain
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