M.I.A. to Curate Meltdown Festival

The London fest’s previouscurators includePatti Smith, David Bowie, Yoko Ono, David Byrne, Scott Walker, and Morrissey.

By Jazz Monroe.

M.I.A. will curate the 2017 edition of Meltdown in London this June. The festival on London’s Southbank, now in its 24th edition, has in previous years invited curators such as Patti Smith, David Bowie, Yoko Ono, David Byrne, Ornette Coleman, Scott Walker, and Morrissey. This year’s takes place from June 9-18; M.I.A.’s lineup is yet to be announced, but she has suggested fans send tips.

M.I.A. said in a press release:

For me this Meltdown will be about putting on a musical week that shows different types of music which have inspired each other to exist. Genres that support other genres, redefining the concept of a melting pot. Respect the history, don’t live in it. I plan to bring together music’s best forward thinkers who have contributed to all our lives. When music acts as inspiration, it’s boundary-less.

Bengi Unsal, the Southbank Centre’s Senior Contemporary Music Programmer, said:

In a progressively polarised world, we are now appreciating those that don't fear standing out and those that defy moulds. M.I.A. is fearless in the way she pushes boundaries and makes music that is so refreshingly original that it effectively doesn't age. Her ever-evolving, yet readily identifiable musical style inspires people to dance, whilst giving a voice to the voiceless, from refugee camps in Africa through to London's streets. M.I.A. is a trend setter and social critic, but most importantly, an internationally loved and acclaimed musical star.

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