Lyrics to 'Fresh Out the Slammer': Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets Department'

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Taylor Swift

Lyrics to "Fresh Out the Slammer" by Taylor Swift leaked the night before her new album Tortured Poets Department was officially released. Check out the "Fresh Out the Slammer" song lyrics below.

Taylor Swift 'Fresh Out the Slammer' Lyrics

Now pretty baby
I'm running back home to you.
Fresh out the slammer
I know who my first call will be to
Fresh out the slammer

Another summer, taking cover, rolling thunder.
He don't understand me
Splintered back in winter, silent dinners,
Bitter he was with her in dreams
Grey and blue and fights and tunnels,
Handcuffed to the spell I was under

For just one hour of sunshine
Years of labor, locks and ceilings
In the shade of how he was feeling
But it's gonna be alright, I did my time

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Now pretty baby, I'm running back home to you
Fresh out the slammer
I know who my first call will be to
Fresh out the slammer.

Camera flashes, welcome bashes
Get the matches, toss the ashes off the bench
As I said in my letters, now that I know better
I will never lose my baby again
My friends tried but I wouldn't hear it
Watched me daily disappearing
For just one glimpse of his smile
All those nights he kept me goingSwirled you into all of my poemsNow we're at the starting lineI did my time

Now pretty baby, I'm running
To the house
We still wait up in that porchlight gleams
To the one who says I'm the girl of his American dreams
And no matter what I've done it wouldn't matter anyway
Ain't no way I'm gonna screw up now that I know what's at stake here
At the park where we used to sit on children's swings
Wearing imaginary rings
But it's gonna be alright, I did my time

What is The Tortured Poets Department tracklist?

Divided into four sides (for the vinyl release), The Tortured Poets Department track list has 16 songs total. Physical releases will also include a bonus track called "The Manuscript."

Side A
1. "Fortnight" (feat. Post Malone)
2. "The Tortured Poets Department"
3. "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys"
4. "Down Bad"

Side B
5. "So Long, London"
6. "But Daddy I Love Him"
7. "Fresh Out the Slammer"
8. "Florida!!!" (feat. Florence and the Machine)

Side C
9. "Guilty as Sin?"
10. "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?"
11. "I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)"
12. "loml"

Side D
13. "I Can Do It With a Broken Heart"
14. "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived"
15. "The Alchemy"
16. "Clara Bow"
17. Bonus Track (depending on version): "The Manuscript," "The Bolter," "The Albatross" or "The Black Dog"

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