Lynell Jinks On The Strong Foundation That’s Been Built For Universe Mode Heading Into WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24
WWE 2K24

Lynell Jinks understands that Universe mode is one of the biggest modes in the WWE 2K franchise and WWE 2K24 is no exception.

WWE 2K24 Developers Bryan Williams and Lynell Jinks recently sat down with WrestleZone Senior Editor Matt Black. When asked what big upgrades we’ll see added to Universe mode this year, Jinks spoke about the strong foundation that 2K has built heading into this year’s game.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a whole new upgrade,” Lynell Jinks admitted. “I think we have a strong foundation of what we added last year with the rival reactions and we added more rival reactions like run-ins, Money in the Bank, and also supporting all of these new match types within Universe, which I think is extremely important and also difficult for us because of the way that Universe is structured.

“Trying to get any of that stuff in takes a whole effort from not just the Universe team but the entire game. And so any improvements that we try to make throughout the rest of the game, we try to make sure that that Universe can accept all that stuff. Like with creations, any new additions that we make there, all of that stuff has to work within Universe.

“And like I said, just expanding on what we added last year with the rival reactions and double title matches. Those are the huge improvements I would say that we focused on for this year, which to me are welcome additions, and will make Universe feel that much more, I would say in tune with the rest of the game.”

No online MyGM mode in WWE 2K24

When asked about the possibility of MyGM being playable online with friends in this year’s game, Jinks confirmed it won’t happen this year, but it’s something they want to add in the future.

“Not for 2K24 but it is something that we always put at the top of the list,” Lynell Jinks said. “But then one of the things that with this game is trying to juggle all of the different improvements that we’re making to each mode and the type of impact that it does have online.

“So making sure that that experience is tight and smooth when we look at all the new additions to match types that we made this year making sure that experience is stable and it’s fun online is huge for us, right? So unfortunately some things like MyGM being online have to take a backseat to some of these additions.

“But it is at and will remain at the top of the list. It’s something that we want to try and support. Hopefully, we will get it out someday soon in a future release, but right now for 2K24, it’s not.”

You can check out our complete interview with Bryan Williams and Lynell Jinks in the embedded video below:

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