Lynda Carter Shares Her Secret to Looking Amazing at 72: I Haven't 'Changed Too Dramatically' (Exclusive)

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The actress and singer tells PEOPLE why she has stayed away from cosmetic procedures

<p>Dominik Bindl/Getty</p> Lynda Carter.

Dominik Bindl/Getty

Lynda Carter.

Lynda Carter is all about aging gracefully.

"People still recognize me all the time as Wonder Woman," she tells PEOPLE. "I don't know that I've changed too dramatically."

Noting that's because she hasn't had facelifts that could leave her looking like someone else, Carter says, "I don't cut my face, so I probably look just myself, but older."

"And the reason I've never had any facial surgery is just because I'm afraid. It's scary, because we've all seen some bad ones," she adds.

<p>Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage</p> Lynda Carter with her late husband Robert Altman

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Lynda Carter with her late husband Robert Altman

Carter, who is also a singer and recently released the single "Letters From Earth," which is a love letter to her late husband, lawyer Robert Altman — who died from blood cancer in 2021 — says that she still misses Altman every day.

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"We had such a wonderful relationship that it's hard," she says of navigating the world alone. However, Carter adds that she's loved spending time with friends and especially her daughter Jessica, 32, whom she recently went to Paris Fashion Week with. "We had such a great time," she says.

<p>Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock</p> Lynda Carter and Jessica Altman at Paris Fashion Week in Jan. 2024

Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock

Lynda Carter and Jessica Altman at Paris Fashion Week in Jan. 2024

As for looking stunning while out and about in Paris, Carter says it's certainly not how she wakes up.

"That outcome is spending time in a chair with some really good people doing your hair and makeup," she says with a laugh.

"Then having somebody dress you, that has got something to do with it," she continues. "Actors and celebrities always look so great when they're on the red carpet, but when you see them in real life, they just look like a regular person with no makeup and their crummy clothes on. Everybody looks the same when they're not all dressed up."

Carter adds, "If everyone did a three-hour makeover before they left the house, then they'd all look amazing. What I'm trying to say is, there's a lot of effort behind those pictures. Don't think they walk out the door looking like that!"

The star, who left Hollywood in the early '80s after marrying Altman to raise her children in Washington, D.C., says she's still getting acting role offers, but she's not sure if that's what she wants to do at the point in her life.

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"I'm working on my music now and figuring my new life out, and it's just like, 'Do I really want to work that hard again?' I don't know!" she tells PEOPLE.

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